Privacy Policy


JESSICA JEWELRY is very concerned about protecting the personal information of customers, absolutely not disclose outside. Below we will explain how to use customer information, please pay attention.


“When you sign up for an account at, we will ask you to provide personal information including your name, address, telephone number and email address.”

We will use your information to inform you of the latest promotions and services. When you register, we also agree to our use of the above.

If you wish to delete your personal information, please contact us to be processed.


We only use your personal information to provide product information as well as the form of service, along with the type of service you propose (to the extent permitted by law)

As follows:

Personalized service (Your information will help us serve you better)
Complete website (We always rely on the request and reflection of customers to constantly improve the website and serve)
Improving the quality of service (Based on customer feedback, we will constantly improve the quality of service)
Make sure the transaction is successful. (Your information, whether personal or public, is strictly forbidden to trade, exchange, except for use in transportation or special requirements of customers.)
Email notification
We will email you with information related to your order, transaction to your email, and other product information, discounts.
If you do not agree, at any time can cancel this form, at the end of each email has a Cancel button.

Your information will be used in the following cases:


We only use your information in internal customer management, conducting market analysis, such as shopping habits of customers.

We do not accept disclosures to any third party about customer information.


If you do not wish to receive emails about promotional information, you can click the Cancel button at the bottom of the email, or contact us to be processed.